Rental Rates & Fees

  • Rental fees are calculated as the "daily rate" x "the number of rental days", including pick-up and drop-off days (the minimum rental period is three days.)
  • We charge a 1,000 yen admin fee per rental.
  • We also charge a fully refundable 10,000 yen deposit per device.
If you need delivery to a hotel or other location, we can provide that for an extra 1,500 yen (both ways), or 1,000 yen for an airport/hotel delivery combination.

All fees must be paid in advance. The deposit will be refunded as a partial reversal of the original payment at the end of the rental period. There are no other fees and you will never be billed for anything extra. Full Terms and Conditions of the Japan Mobile Rental service are available here.
We use PayPal to process credit card payments. You can either pay by credit card or transfer funds through PayPal.
Use our handy Rental Rate Calculator to calculate the rental cost!