Terms and Conditions

This agreement for mobile WiFi router rental services between you (The “Customer”) and Japan Mobile Rental, 2-32-3 Hiyoshihoncho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan (“Japan Mobile Rental”), sets out your and our legal rights concerning payments, changes, starting and ending of service, etc. The wireless package and /or services you have chosen, including the package rates, details and all other applicable information are available separately on this website japanmobilerental.com, but are also part of this agreement. All financial transactions on this website will be passed directly to the credit card processor PayPal, Inc. and Japan Mobile Rental will not receive or keep any records of credit card or other financial information. No personal data is stored on japanmobilerental.com.

Please read this agreement, your package rates, details, and all other applicable information, terms and conditions set forth before submitting a reservation request. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions, you should not accept this agreement. This agreement starts when you submit an online reservation through the Japan Mobile Rental website. For information or clarification about anything in this document, please contact Japan Mobile Rental at the following address:

Email: admin(at)japanmobilerental.com

Article 1) Purpose of the Contract. The purpose of this contract is to provide for the rental of a mobile WiFi router to the Customer according to the terms as hereunder described. Mobile WiFi routers may be collected at Japan Mobile Rental’s designated airport locations or at other locations as requested by the Customer. The Contract provides access to a mobile WiFi router which is registered to and owned by Japan Mobile Rental or its partners. Mobile WiFi routers are provided by major domestic telecommunications service providers.

Article 2) Obligations for the Customer. The Customer agrees that by accepting the mobile WiFi router at the pick-up counter he/she is acknowledging that the rental item is in a good state of maintenance and is operational, and agrees that he/she is obliged to use it with care and return it in the same good state of operation and maintenance with the original packaging and accessories. The customer must notify Japan Mobile Rental immediately in the event that he/she believes the rental item is defective.

Article 3) Prohibitions. The Customer is not permitted to sub-lease or lend the use of the mobile WiFi router, even temporarily, to third parties, for whatever purpose or reason.

Article 4) Mobile WiFi Router Rental Charges. Rental charges are set out at the time of rental on the Japan Mobile Rental website, japanmobilerental.com. Rental returns should be made no later than the expected return day as indicated on the reservation application at the time of booking. Customers must always notify Japan Mobile Rental as far in advance as possible if they plan to extend the rental period beyond that which has been agreed and paid for. Japan Mobile Rental may ask the Customer to provide payment for any extended rental periods. Any mobile WiFi router which remains unreturned for more than 7 days will be deemed to be “unreturned” and the Customer’s deposit forfeited.

Article 5) Mobile WiFi Router Security Deposit. Upon submitting an online reservation request, the Customer agrees to pay, separate from all applicable rental charges, a fully refundable deposit ¥10,000 for mobile WiFi routers, as security in the case of loss or theft during the rental period. Failure to return the mobile WiFi router and associated accessories, whether as result of loss or theft, will result in the forfeiting of any deposits paid. Return of the rental items in good working order will result in a full refund being paid as soon as is practicable to the Customer through PayPal, Inc.

Article 6) Misuse, Loss or Theft of a rented Mobile WiFi Router. At the end of the rental period, the Customer must return the mobile WiFi router to a Japan Mobile Rental counter at Narita Airport. In the case of loss or theft of a mobile WiFi router, the Customer agrees to forfeit any deposits already paid. Any loss or theft of a mobile WiFi router must be immediately reported to Customer Support by email. This is necessary in order to disable the use of the mobile WiFi router. 

Article 7) Conditions and Method of Payment of Mobile WiFi Router fees. The Customer authorizes Japan Mobile Rental to process all transactions made on the japanmobilerental.com web site through PayPal, Inc., and, where required, bill the Customer’s credit card for any charge as applicable. For current rates see japanmobilerental.com

Article 8) Refunds. The Customer agrees that refunds will not be provided in any case unless the mobile WiFi router can be demonstrated to be faulty and inoperable. Coverage of wireless services cannot be guaranteed at every location in Japan.

Article 9) Responsibilities. The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Japan Mobile Rental harmless for any damage, claim or consequences which arise or could arise from the improper and illicit use of the mobile WiFi router which the Customer has rented pursuant to Article 5 of this contract. The rented mobile WiFi router must be returned by the Customer in person to Japan Mobile Rental’s pick-up and drop-off counters locations in Narita Airport as indicated in the reservation confirmation email unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Article 10) Personal Identification. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that Japan Mobile Rental has a right to confirm the identity of any person who comes to pick up a rental mobile WiFi router. Each customer will be asked to allow staff at the Japan Mobile Rental counter to confirm his or her identity by showing the photo page of the passport, and allowing the counter staff to register the passport number as part of Japan Mobile Rental’s rental records. For information about Japan Mobile Rental’s Privacy Policy, please see the japanmobilerental.com.

Article 11) Competent Court. For any controversies that may arise under this contract, the Tokyo Regional Court is deemed to be the exclusive competent court of law, and for everything not expressly stipulated in this contract, the pertinent law as enforced in Japan will apply.

Article 12) Credit Card Disputes. The Customer has the right to dispute charges made by Japan Mobile Rental but must do so within 30 days of the date of which charges were billed. All billing disputes must be initiated with Japan Mobile Rental first and not through the credit card company. Customer shall also be charged all reasonable attorney, chargeback and collection agency fees and costs incurred by Japan Mobile Rental.

Revised September 2017